Parking garage contact

Address: 6720 Szeged, Arany János u. 5.
Phone: +36 62 542-222, +36 62 800-266
Monday-Sunday: 0-24

If you would like to protect and shelter your vehicle, park it in the automatically operated, nonstop multi-storey car park. Use it and enjoy the advantages it has to offer, which include keeping your vehicle safe, storing it safely, protecting it from the elements, paying less than the cost of public parking (the price can found under the rates menu), etc.



Technical info

The car park can accommodate vehicles with the following parameters:
Maximum length of vehicle: 5 meter
Maximum width of vehicle: 1,90 meter
Maximum height of vehicle: 1,60 meter
Maximum weight of vehicle: 2 tonnes
Minimum distance between the undercarriage and the ground: 13 cm
The car park cannot accept gas-powered vehicles (LPG).

Multi-storey car park rates

Cash payment
If a car is kept in the car park during the period between 7pm and 7am on business days and between midnight and midnight (0 and 24) on non-business days: 160 Ft/hour (gross). If a car is kept in the car park in the period between 7am and 7pm on business days: 280 Ft/hour (gross).

Car park day ticket

Passenger vehicles may be kept in the car park during the period between 8am and 8pm on business days, non-business days and holidays. With a day ticket, a passenger vehicle may be put into the car park once and taken out once. If a passenger vehicle is put in before 8am or taken out after 8pm, the difference in the effective rates must be paid. Charge: 1,400 Ft/day (gross).

Towing of vehicles, car rescue

Phone number 62/ 423-052

This is a non-stop customer service office.


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