Parking System

In Szeged you have to pay in advance for pay parking spaces. Pay parking is in effect on business days from 8am to 6pm and on Saturday (in Mars Square, on Boross J., Pulz, Csemegi, Pozsonyi and Cserzy M. streets) from 8am to 12 noon. Legal parking: It is a legal violation to park without a parking ticket, pass or disabled parking permit or with an improperly validated or displayed ticket, pass or disabled parking permit, and the driver of the vehicle must pay a fine. Parking violations are determined by the operator’s inspectors. All inspections are recorded on video, and if the vehicle is not legally parked, our inspectors will put a penalty charge notice on it. The video recordings are archived by the operator to be used as evidence in legal disputes.

1. Paper-based ticket

Paper-based ticket: after stopping in a parking space, the parking ticket must be properly validated (according to the validation procedure shown on the parking ticket) and put behind the vehicle’s windscreen or in the front window above the driver’s seat in a place that is fully visible from outside the vehicle so that it can be inspected. A separate parking ticket must be validated for each parking space the vehicle occupies.
Paper-based quarter-time tickets are not valid in green zones.


2. Parking pass

A prepaid parking pass must be displayed in the vehicle’s windscreen so that it is fully visible and can be inspected.


3. Disabled parking permit

A disabled parking permit must be displayed in the vehicle so that it is fully visible and can be inspected. The way it should be displayed is described on the disabled parking permit. Please pay adequate attention to the disabled parking permit’s validity period and how the permit should be displayed.

Under Local Government Ordinance No. 25/2010 (VI.30), the parking permit for people with movement disabilities may not be presented afterwards.


4. Virtual ticket

Parking tickets may be bought by SMS, telephone or a mobile application. When you purchase a virtual ticket, some mobile service providers add a service charge to the price of the ticket.

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